My guitar journey so far..

The guitar really is such a beautiful instrument. It can be used for so many things.. learning, writing music, meditating (sounds silly, but trust me), creating music with others, expanding your finger dexterity, learning to read music and so many more huge things!

Just from beginning to learn the guitar when I was 14 lead me down so many pathways and took me to whole new amazing experiences meeting people, gaining more interests in gear, jamming with other musicians and writing music! Ten years on, I've now played over 100 gigs, and even released my own studio album!

I'm so dedicated and keen to show others this beautiful way of realizing new potential through teaching, I always strive to better myself, and if I can help others to progress too, then I feel amazing. You too can start a new journey of learning this incredible instrument. Or maybe you just want to knock out a few chords for the campfire! That's cool too!

Whatever age or ability you are at is always okay, and I will do my absolute best to mentor you or anyone else (sons, daughters) to reach new potentials. We can do this, together!

Thanks for reading!

Lewis Haynes